Wonder Woman is not just a movie. It’s a welcome changing narrative of the society. A society where we grew up listening to fairy tales of the beautiful princess in distress and the brave prince who brings in peace and justice is awakening to a new story of women playing a powerful and equal role, where strong is beautiful, where they are not trying to keep up with the boys but actually are better than boys.

The typical man –woman role is reversed which is a great step forward in breaking stereotypes. Thanks to wonder director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot for bringing forth the story with such conviction. What is very interesting and important is that Diana’s beauty does not at any point take away the viewer’s attention from her courage, sense of righteousness or purpose in life. It’s refreshing to see her warrior skills which she demonstrates with such ease.

Princes of Amazons, Diana, she is trained to be unconquerable warrior. The emphasis of training is not just the art of fighting but more importantly the art of believing in self. We all have powers more than we know about, we are not able to harness our power because we do not believe enough. I am guilty of same, but then as long as one works on it, perhaps you are moving in the right direction.

Patty Jenkins definitely need a pat for celebrating with feminine traits of the warrior princess. The empathetic side of Diana is what we celebrate most amongst her bullet repelling jewellery and brilliant swordplay, her wrists which would fire shockwaves and her courage to take the most powerful. To be a warrior, the woman does not abandon her nurturing side. A strong message is that to be in the man’s world, we don’t have to change who we are but we need to strongly demonstrate who we really are. Gadot proves that women can be fierce and loyal, as well as empathetic.

Not to forget the brilliant opening of the movie where we see an enchanted island, the women warriors prepare for the day when they would probably be wiped out by God of War Ares. There is a common purpose which bind them together, as the camera pans through the training ground…..wrestling, archery, horsemanship, the swings and the flights. The image of women with such fiery strength and purpose reinforces my own sense of purpose in life. To me, in just this opening scene these women destruct the stereotypical roles and images of women.

What amazes me is also the juxtaposed social construct in which I see this movie. In the same theatre there are men who can’t see much beyond what is literally shown and there is an audience which celebrates and claps for Princess Diana. I left the theatre with a smile, with loads of gratitude for Patty Jenkins to make a movie which without taking a higher pedestal has a message for our girls and boys and hope for a more equal society.

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Shilpi Singh

Shilpi Singh, Managing Partner BD Foundation with more than 20 years of corporate experience leads the Coaching practice in the region. Shilpi is also on Board of Swechha, one of the best known NGOs of India, working in space of environmental issues. She has handled PAN India responsibilities and challenging global matrix across multiple industries including FMCG, Luxury, Bank Telecom,Technology, Manufacturing and more. She now plays the role of a Performance Catalyst, working with individuals and organizations to better their performance, profitability and purpose. Shilpi has been trained and certified by ResultsCoaching System (Australia) and is amongst the early believers and practitioners of executive coaching in the country. She is also a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner. She is also Co-founder of new age hospitality company, Unhotel, curating handcrafted stays and experiences. She believes travel adds to her understanding of diversity.