If you are a woman in position of influence, you probably are doing things right. Getting to next level therefore needs even deeper introspection..what can you now do even better? Top positions in organizations and on boards are not shortlisted merely on skills and talent – being visible and talked about plays a very crucial role. Thereby Networking.

Networks expand your sphere of influence, expose you to new ideas, showcases your talent to new people and keep you informed on new opportunities. Herminia Ibarra mentions that an individual has three different kinds of network – operational, personal and strategic. Quoting her, “Operational networks help you manage current internal responsibilities, personal networks boosts professional development, and strategic networks focus you on new business directions and the stakeholders you must get on board to pursue them.”

Perhaps, like all of us, you may know the importance of networking, but when it comes to choosing how to spend time, Networking falls down in the list of priorities. How about making Networking, a part of your natural inner rhythm. It’s time to leave behind excuses and be more aware of self; it’s time to look into reasons why you avoid networking. It is not to do anything with you being an introvert or an extrovert.

My work involves helping many women leaders to become more aware and comfortable with Networking. When they find their inner rhythm, it just flows naturally and effortlessly.

Set your Networking Goals today. !!

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Shilpi Singh

Shilpi Singh is an Executive Coach & Hospitality entrepreneur. She is also on Board of Swechha, leading NGO, working in space of environmental issues.She comes with 17 years of HR and Executive Coaching experience. Shilpi has been working extensively in the space of Woman leadership since past four years. She is part of the core team at Biz Divas Foundation and is specially committed to working with women entrepreneurs