Networking! Networking Networking!  Its an overused terminology which I don’t want to hear.. enough lessons on comes another post.. another lecture..hoof!

If you are emotionally burdened by the idea of networking, you perhaps are blessed to be an introvert. .. Which is perfectly perfect J

If you think, there is no time to network, may be you are ill informed about smart ways of networking.

But nonetheless, you need to network.. u need to meet people, you need to spread that message…the best lesson I have learned in life is to find solutions rather than get into the vicious cycle of ‘ I cant do this..not my cup of tea’ – Fullstop

So what to do….

  • Dig Deep – What is it about networking that tires your senses? Is it the fear of initiating a conversation or the worry of creating that first impression ? Is it the conversation or the people or the setting and ambience ? Track your emotions and will definitely find the answer. You can find a solution only if you know of the problem….Address this before your next networking event.


  • Follow your Passion – It becomes easy to meet people who share the same passion. When you are at your natural best, its easy to break ice. Thoughts and expressions find their own way and you enjoy the process. It could be anything..related or unrelated to your work..running, singimg, cycling, movies, music..just anything.


  • Filter Well – Attending too many networking events can drain your energy. Prioritize and filter the events you would really want to attend. Too much sugar does not enhance the taste, similarly too much networking eats into your limited time and energy. Time is most precious for a working professional, hence be ruthless in taking decision. Learn to say ‘No’ to the party being hosted by your best friend, if you don’t feel like doing so. Networking on Social media is a smart way to connect with people. You do it at your time, at your pace and the best part is that you don’t necessarily have to meet the person!!


  • Be an Empathetic listener – Start with being an empathetic listener. So, if you talk less and listen more perhaps, you are a better networker. People like to be heard, people like to connect with individuals who can extend a listening ear…the connection is genuine and deep. Once you feel connected with the other, it would be easier and more natural for you to open up.


  • Positive Reinforcement – Success is always the proof in the pudding. Monitor and follow up with the new connections. Track your success for which you can give credit to networking. Figure out what went well, why was it successful. Positive reinforcement is the best way to start enjoying networking.


  • Enjoy – The most important aspect of networking is go there to enjoy, share ideas, have meaningful conversations and not with a fixed agenda of selling your product or service. Once you start enjoying, you would be more confident more yourself and hence better chances of a meaningful connection.


Now you are ready for Stressfree networking… Remember to invite me over..I love to network J



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Shilpi Singh

Shilpi Singh, Managing Partner BD Foundation with more than 20 years of corporate experience leads the Coaching practice in the region. Shilpi is also on Board of Swechha, one of the best known NGOs of India, working in space of environmental issues. She has handled PAN India responsibilities and challenging global matrix across multiple industries including FMCG, Luxury, Bank Telecom,Technology, Manufacturing and more. She now plays the role of a Performance Catalyst, working with individuals and organizations to better their performance, profitability and purpose. Shilpi has been trained and certified by ResultsCoaching System (Australia) and is amongst the early believers and practitioners of executive coaching in the country. She is also a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner. She is also Co-founder of new age hospitality company, Unhotel, curating handcrafted stays and experiences. She believes travel adds to her understanding of diversity.