Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders tend to be more effective in understanding and relating to others, and in motivating them toward shared goals. Hence they become more effective in leadership roles.

Good intentions are no longer enough. Today’s diverse workforce needs leaders who understand how to harness and empower diversity to drive results at the individual, team and organizational levels. Organizations that equip their managers to lead more inclusively have a more engaged workforce, with less turnover, and often experience greater growth, fresh strategic thinking, and increased innovation. Inclusive Leadership provides the framework for development of personal leadership competencies; a strategic view of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and how to promote them within your business.

This intimate, one day interactive learning experience blends case studies, role playing, and peer learning to help leaders build awareness and modify their own leadership style. The program focuses on developing the competencies, skills, and applied behaviors that empower inclusivity and leadership, leading to a more engaged workforce.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Other than group workshops, we recommend one on one Coaching for Inclusion and build Inclusive teams. At BD Foundation, we have undertaken extensive research into Inclusive Leadership – what is it, who demonstrates it and how it can be developed across leader populations. Our constant research builds on our work in unconscious bias, and significantly moves the diversity and inclusion agenda forward by helping leaders to focus on their personal behaviour and impact.

What you get

  • Personal assessment and Score on Blind Spots Tool
  • Identify key competencies of Inclusive leadership in alignment with organizational objectives
  • Practical steps to enhance inclusive leadership skills
  • Identify barriers and address those barriers
  • Steps to create inclusive team

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Leaders on our Inclusive Leadership Masterclass will gain…

  • ‘Diversity literacy’ as personal and professional development
  • A strategic view of equality, diversity and inclusion, and how to promote them in the organization
  • A three-level systemic approach, which addresses explicit objectives and hidden dynamics, and builds confidence in a deeper wisdom
  • Greater congruence between personal and organisational values
  • Progress across 8 inclusive leadership competency sets, and 8 areas for strategic action, based upon up-to-date international business research
  • An understanding of how to manage unconscious factors, including taking unconscious bias tests as part of the cours

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for experienced managers and D&I professionals at all levels of the organization.

Ask us for details on how you can run a full Inclusive Leadership workshop at your location.


Our Flexible Delivery Methods


Interactive Webinars

interactive live training programs that bring together delegates from across different geographies and disciplines

Events & Conferences

Dynamic, powerful, interactive and strategic presentations or workshops

Face to Face

Globally available, in person training from 2 hours to 2 days.


A cost effective, powerful and tailored solution for you.

Retreats & Off-sites

By taking time away from the day to day business, delegates have the time for a detailed look into what inclusion and bias can really mean to you and your organisation.


A multitude of ways to ensure long term impact.