Diversity Consulting

BD Foundation uses a four-phase process to guide institutions through their diversity journey. The process is evidence-based and incremental, with each phase building on the next. However, we also recognize that some employers have already made progress, and have moved through one or more phases. We are fully able to support clients at any stage of the process, and can design and implement discrete programs to leverage what has already been achieved, and to accelerate progress to date.

Our approach to embed sustainable change in institutions recognizes that workforce diversity is one part of the solution. To fully leverage the business benefits that employee diversity offers (such as diversity of thinking), institutions need to develop an inclusive culture.




Phase 1 - Diversity Diagnostics

For institutions that have yet to fully focus on making diversity progress, our recommended start point is to conduct a diversity diagnostic review. This is our assessment of your diversity challenges and opportunities, based on our data gathering, detailed analysis, and knowledge of international best practice.

We undertake focus groups, surveys and interviews with exited employees & key stakeholders to gather essential data, together with a detailed analysis of your demographics and culture. Institutions would receive a detailed report, an executive presentation pack and a summary report of our diagnostic findings.

Our diagnostics typically identify specific unconscious biases and assumptions that may inhibit diversity, as well as operational or structural barriers. We look for ‘quick wins’ to accelerate your diversity progress as well as long-term, sustainable and systemic solutions.

Phase 2 - Developing business strategy

Having a strong and tailored business case is critical to gaining genuine executive support and building a sustainable long-term diversity strategy. When developed, a credible business case for diversity can be utilized extensively in support-building activities and leadership communication to the institution. We work with your Top Team and build a Diversity business case to drive a business agenda, which forms a cornerstone for your diversity strategy.

Phase 3 - Implementing strategy

To effectively execute your high-level strategy, a detailed implementation or action plan is required. BD Foundation provides this plan with details of the interventions planned and their timing. Further, we identify the resources and support required, and allocate roles and responsibility for delivery. We work with institutions to determine appropriate diversity initiatives, such as awareness-raising, mentoring programs, leadership development and employee resource groups.

Various aspects taken care of are:

  • Communications Planning
  • Diversity Councils
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Optimizing people policies and processes

Phase 4 - Measure, Review and Refine

After the implementation your strategy, one needs to evaluate, measure, review and redefine its direction, if necessary. They need to clarify and focus goals and objectives, develop new strategies and plan for the future.

BD Foundation helps you by following through and ensuring your diversity strategy and combination of practices is delivering the intended results and progressing effectively to meet your goals. We help you analyze the gaps or shortfalls and help identify appropriate actions to address these.

To connect with us, please write at info@bdfoundation.in