BD Foundation provides institutions with a range of services, from a one-off training program to the complete design and implementation of your diversity strategy.

We assist institutions in creating tailored sustainable and successful D&I strategies; starting from understanding your business goals and then assessing your needs. We work with our clients to help them   discover where they are and where they want to go. We handhold institutions in their diversity journey till we see results and then handover to specialized teams for a seamless continuity.




BD Foundation uses a four-phase process to guide institutions through their diversity journey. The process is evidence-based and incremental, with each phase building on the next. However, we also recognize that some employers have already made progress, and have moved through one or more phases. We are fully able to support clients at any stage of the process, and can design and implement discrete programs to leverage what has already been achieved, and to accelerate progress to date.

Our approach to embed sustainable change in institutions recognizes that workforce diversity is one part of the solution. To fully leverage the business benefits that employee diversity offers (such as diversity of thinking), institutions need to develop an inclusive culture.

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A broad mix of top talent is a crucial aspect for any institution to ensure business sustainability and brand. Recruiting and developing productive, innovative, and diverse employees is far more complex than ever before. The ability to identify and develop both the internal and external talent for your institution is critical to employee engagement and business performance. Forward-looking institutions identify key talent and help develop them through programs designed to meet current and future business needs.

BD Foundation’s successful series of customized talent management training programs assists in the selection, hiring, mentoring and development of key talent to foster extraordinary performance and the achievement of institutional goals.

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Coaching is the most effective leadership development tool, which leverages personal strengths, experiences and aspirations to create successful careers, leaders and organizations. BD Foundation’s unique models have been designed to deliver for present and prepare for future. We specialize in working with CXOs , Board of Directors and senior leaders to deliver impactful performance gains by creating more inclusive leaders, teams and organizations. We provide customized plan uniquely tailored to each individual and organization. The coach and client work together to design a collaborative process that creates and meets the desired goals. BD Foundation Coaching programs focus on key areas required for personal growth and inclusive leadership. We also provide access to Women Leadership Coaches to specifically work on women executive’s career growth. The process includes working on career strategy, improving emotional intelligence and skills required for the desired leadership role and organizational outcome. To know more click here