Coaching is the most effective leadership development tool, which leverages personal strengths, experiences and aspirations to create successful careers, leaders and organizations. BD Foundation’s unique models have been designed to deliver for present and prepare for future. We specialize in working with CXOs , Board of Directors and senior leaders to deliver impactful performance gains by creating more inclusive leaders, teams and organizations. We provide customized plan uniquely tailored to each individual and organization. The coach and client work together to design a collaborative process that creates and meets the desired goals. BD Foundation Coaching programs focus on key areas required for personal growth and inclusive leadership. We also provide access to Women Leadership Coaches to specifically work on women executive’s career growth. The process includes working on career strategy, improving emotional intelligence and skills required for the desired leadership role and organizational outcome.


Executive Presence & Personal Branding

Get coached to create a strong Personal Brand. Creating a strong personal brand and emerging as a powerful voice is essential to move up the leadership pyramid. We work to build your personal brand by leveraging your strengths.

The program covers:

  • Deep dive into understanding self – Self – awareness and Self reflection
  • Customized tools to work in alignment with your core personality
  • Roadmap to offline and online visibility
  • Enhance the confidence quotient



Career Visioning

Get coached to align your Career Goal Post with Future of Work. Preparing for future work trends and fast changing economy cycle requires to constantly focus and review career goals. We help you prepare and be future ready by challenging status quo and developing leadership style to keep pace with Future of Work.

The program covers

  • Deep dive into how Future of Work is shaping up
  • Customized Plan to be future ready by revisiting and realigning goals
  • Strategic road map to drive towards the new Career Goal Post
  • Sharpening skills to develop the required leadership competencies

Women on Board Coaching

Get coached to Measure up for Board roles. Gender diversity in Boards is very essential to build and drive an inclusive organization. Board positions and successful board careers need planning and preparation. We help you prepare for board roles by building network, visibility and board relevant skill sets.

The program covers

  • Identifying and navigating opportunities for board roles
  • Building a personal brand to emerge as strong contender for available opportunities
  • Creating a Board ready resume and online profile
  • Enhanced networking skills and networking platforms
  • Preparation for Board Interview


Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Get coached to become an Inclusive Leader and build Inclusive teams. At BD Foundation, we have undertaken extensive research into Inclusive Leadership – what is it, who demonstrates it and how it can be developed across leader populations. Our constant research builds on our work in unconscious bias, and significantly moves the diversity and inclusion agenda forward by helping leaders to focus on their personal behaviour and impact.

What you get

  • Personal assessment and score on Unconscious Bias
  • Identify key competencies of Inclusive leadership in alignment with organizational objectives
  • Practical steps to enhance inclusive leadership skills
  • Identify barriers and address those barriers
  • Steps to create inclusive team