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We envision a world where all women have equal opportunity and nurtured to reach their fullest potential

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We collaborate with institutions to create deep impact solutions for an inclusive & innovative business growth

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2017 – Year it Was!

365 days fly by.. A day by itself does not seem much but one day at a time forming one full year surely is time to pause and reflect, to look at our achievements and initiatives with pride and to be ready to work towards new milestones. 2017 would always be a very...

‘Fitting In’

The biggest need of any individual is to feel belonged. The necessity to ‘fit in’ comes out of this belongingness game that we continuously play. We keep going in and out of our ‘comfort zone’ to be in balance and in sync with others. Young kids start picking up...

It really isn’t your fault…

- It's not your fault that you have bias. - It's not your fault that our culture acclimates us to preferences in one direction over other - It's not your fault that everything that we read, everything that we see, media consumption is not in our control and not...