Recognised in the Top 10 Diversity Consultants category of the Global Diversity List 2015

First Annual Leadership in Mentoring Award

Biz Divas honored with the First Annual Leadership in Mentoring Award
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I Inspire 2017

An Inclusive Leadership Conference at Gurgaon

April 21,  2017

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Crystal Gazing 2030

Managing Talent in a Rapidly Transforming World
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Our Vision

BD Foundation strives to create an inclusive world where every human respects fellow human with their differences and champions equal opportunity.











What We do

BD Foundation is a not for profit organization providing a platform for creating awareness on inclusive practices, conducting research & building advocacy platform to promote inclusive leadership. As a Global Top 10 Diversity Consulting firm, we recognize that every organization has unique talent management needs, needs that cannot be addressed with a simple “one- size-fits-all” approach. That’s why we take the time to understand our client’s business objectives and provide solutions tailored to meet those head-on. Our interventions help organizations promote a culture of respect, performance and equal opportunities for all. We believe organizational success depends on creating diverse workforce providing equitable work opportunities to drive innovation and business performance.

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